Monday, September 19, 2011

Waiting for Choir

     I am sitting here in the fine arts center waiting for Men's Chorus to start and so I decided that since I had some free time I might as well use it somewhat wisely. So here I am. I realized today that after this week I will have been at college for a solid month, way longer than I had thought. I has seemed to just fly by. Not to mention the Men's Chorus concert is in just a few days and not only do I have several songs to finish memorizing but also a dance to work to perfection. We'll see how that goes.
     It's my test week this week due the fact that I have test's in almost half of the classes that I am taking and they are the hardest and the easiest: PDBio, Chem, and Music. Tonight is going to be a big review night, I hope :) Other than the onslaught of tests things seem to be going pretty well. My Book of Mormon professor told a joke by accident today during class and she laughed about it for about 5 minutes, continually trying to get the class going again but failing because she couldn't stop laughing.  By the end of the ordeal we were all laughing at her rather than the joke. I am looking forward to a great week in all my classes. It will be nice to have these tests out of the way. Then hopefully I can have some fun on Saturday.
       Last night I had my first day of work taking tickets at the football game. Although we lost miserably I actually somewhat enjoyed myself. I made new friends, learned new things, and had a good time. Luckily this week I only have to go for a couple hours since I have to leave early to get to the Men's Chorus concert. I hope any of you here in Provo can make it on Thursday or Friday. Till next time. So long

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ahh the Joys of Blogging

     So I decided that I wanted to get started in this blogging business. It seemed like a good idea plus it gives me a place for my less random "Facebook" thoughts. Also as this is the first post I must give credit for the title to Jacob Cameron, Daniel Prue, and of course my awesome roommate, the illustrious Peter Christman. I want this to be just some stories or tales of stuff that goes on so I guess I might as well get started.
     It's been a great first few weeks here in Provo. Classes are classes and college is college. I was kind of expecting to be more difficult than it is  but I am sure that is coming soon enough especially where Chemistry is concerned. It will all turn out great though.
     Men's Chorus, however, offers the most fabulous escape each day. It is the best thing to be able to go to a place for an hour each day after classes and just do what I love and become better at it. Our first concert is on the 22nd and 23rd of this month in the De Jong Concert Hall. It's going to be a great concert.
     There is hard work at college but there is also a million different things to do here. I have been enormously overwhelmed by it all. I am super excited to go to dance shows, concerts, comedy shows, plays and so much more. I also have awesome friends and roommates to hang out and laugh with. (I try not to spend to much time playing the N64 but you know sometimes I give in) In addition all that I got to go on an awesome date on Saturday night to go and see some plays.
      All in all college life is pretty good. Feel free to comment, email me, whatever. I love to talk to people :)